When We Were Strangers – Jake Naughton and Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias

When We Were Strangers
Jake Naughton and Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias

What does it mean to be in love? For eight years, in images and writing, photographer Jake Naughton and his partner Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias have tried to tease out the answer through a collaborative project.

When We Were Strangers is the first part of a lifelong project deconstructing love through the prism of their relationship. This first chapter is a love poem of sorts, one that explores what happens when two people attempt to become something more and less than that, when they are more unknown stranger to each other than anything else.

In remarkably intimate images and prose, they weave together the sublime, the difficult and the everyday moments that comprise a relationship. They are interested in the frayed edges, the messy intersections, the elements of oneself lost and new facets gained in the process, and the limits to all of that.

Also available are artists’ edition with exclusive cover in a limited quantity of 100, each signed and numbered by the artists. All artist editions come with an archival pigment print of either “Branches” or
“Cherry Blossoms” on 310gsm Canson Etching Rag printed by Lux Lab in New York City.

Artist edition plus print is $250 + shipping.

When We Were Strangers — Book Specifications:
by Jake Naughton and Juan Anibal Sosa Iglesias
160 pages
8.25″ x 5.75″
ISBN 978-1-941703-09-0

When We Were Strangers


When We Were Strangers is available in Regular and Artists editions. The Artist edition is numbered 1-100 is signed and includes a print of your choice on 310gsm Canson Etching Rag.